Thank you for your support

To all 220 CBMC Northland Trusted Advisors:

Will you prayerfully consider referring your Christian CEO-Owner Peers to us in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Western Wisconsin?

CBMC Vision 220, Lord willing, will attract 1,000 CEO-Owners to expand the gospel of Jesus Christ via CBMC Peer Advisory Teams into the ”ripe” harvest fields with your help.

If you prefer to introduce them to the CBMC Peer Advisory concept prior to submitting their names, you can
click here to use our referral tool.

“Unless the Lord builds the house , they labor in vain who build it” Proverbs.

Executive Summary of the Plan :


God Willing, THE TEAM of Don Hoffert ( North and South Dakota), Seth Neistadt ( Northern Minnesota), Scott Ward ( Southern Minnesota) and David Carlson ( Western Wisconsin) will provide Christian Business Leader access to a CBMC Peer Advisory team within about a 1 hr drive in these states so that Christian Business Leaders are “lit up by Christ, glorifying God, in their servant leadership, family, business and community transformation”.


North and South Dakota, Minnesota, West Wisconsin ( West of Wisconsin River).


  1. Existing 220 member Northland Cbmc Trusted Advisor network will be asked to identify Christian Leaders in above cities by putting names- contact info into an online database tool.
  2. THE TEAM Leaders (shown under OBJECTIVE above) will establish relationships with those key city leaders to help them better understand CBMC Vision, Mission, Values.
  3. THE TEAM will ask key city leaders to invite other Christian Business Leaders to an info event in their City.
  4. THE TEAM will plan and facilitate info meetings in all cities in early 2019.
  5. God will raise up volunteer facilitators within 6 months to be trained to assume leadership on these teams so CBMC TEAM Leaders can launch new Trusted Advisor teams to continue rapid growth from this base.


Between Dec 2018 and spring 2019 , promote the informational meetings.

4 weeks after informational meeting, THE TEAM Leaders will start an actual Trusted Advisor Team for business leaders to TEST if the Lord is leading them to be a part of a CBMC Trusted Advisor Team. New Facilitators to lead teams (most likely from the new teams started) will be trained in summer-fall 2019.

Thank you for being a part of carrying the gospel into the marketplace through business for the glory of God!

Serving with you in Christ…for His glory and your joy in Him !

Donald W Hoffert – Servant
CBMC Leadership Institute
Cell 612 298 7858