I thank God for you and your heart to serve as a TAF Facilitator.
Reach back at any time, for anything…in Christ.

  • Below are the immediate Need to Know items to set up and facilitate your TAF meeting
  • You will be added to the quarterly support calls so please accept when you receive the calendar invite


  1. Facilitator Training Agenda
    Download (Word) Download (PDF)
  2. CBMC Facilitator Quick Start Package
    Overarching roadmap attachment
    Download (PDF)
  3. TAF Agenda
    This is a Word document you can modify as needed
    Download (Word) Download (PDF)
  4. Issue Preparation
    • Questions
      Email this immediately after the meeting to allow confirmation and 4 weeks prep time
      Download (Word) Download (PDF)
    • Issue Worksheet
      Typed out/returned to you 7 days ahead of the meeting – send out to the team and confirm attendees
      Download (Word) Download (PDF)
  5. Host Issue – Annual Plan
    Schedule for the group when members will bring their host issue – see excel roster of members, names, email, phone
    Download (PDF)
  6. Roundtable
    Use the Living Proof and Operation Timothy resources to move toward an outreach focus. In addition to personal, family, business prayer card requests, keep the focus on the unconvinced and discipleship at every meeting.
  7. Moderator Tips
    Best practices – see attached document
    Download (PDF)
  8. Prayer Card
    Template – Printout
    Download (PDF)
  9. KEN BOA “Handbook to leadership”
    Purchase copies for men or have the men purchase
  10. New Member Introduction email
    Give to your men so they can invite other Christ-centered leaders. If you’re not growing, you die out
    Download (Word) Download (PDF)
  11. New Team Member signup
  12. Important Websites